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Florida's Early Childhood Courts: Hope and Healing


Florida's Early Childhood Courts: Hope and Healing documentaries showcase the struggles and hopes of five remarkable families who participated in this court-based child welfare program. And, the court team staff who go the extra mile to help get young children a permanent loving family.


According to Dr. Graham, Florida’s Early Childhood Courts, fondly referred to as “Baby Courts,” “are a powerful combination of judicial leadership, a supportive, non-adversarial multidisciplinary team and expert clinical guidance. These short documentaries capture the real soul of baby court.”

Both short films and training videos can be viewed at the link below.

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What is Early Childhood Court?

Florida's Early Childhood Court, also referred to as "Baby Court," serves children under the age of three in the child welfare court process. Using the science of attachment and a trauma-informed team, outcomes are improved for safety, permanency, and well-being for abused and neglected young children during the most pivotal time for brain development. Early Childhood Courts are one type of Florida's many successful problem-solving courts designed to address both the legal and underlying nonlegal issues to break the cycle of multigenerational trauma and court involvement. 

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How does it work?

Core Components

Learn about the 15 core components in  Florida's Early Childhood Court manual.

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Why Early Childhood Court?

                                              Science serves as the foundation for this problem-solving court.                                                   These courts improve outcomes for children and families, and deliver taxpayer savings. 

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Early Childhood Court Partners

At the local level, Early Childhood Courts build strong partnerships among judges, infant mental health specialists, community coordinators, attorneys, parents, foster parents, service providers, case workers, guardians ad litem, and more!

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Contact Florida's Early Childhood Courts

Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy
Florida State University


At the statewide level, three key partners provide support for these courts: Florida Office of the State Courts Administrator, Florida State University's Center for Prevention and Early Intervention Policy, and Zero to Three.

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